Do you offer a bonus for new players?

YES! New players can get up to a $250 bonus on their first deposit!

Bonus Amounts

Deposit     Bonus
$25      + $0 Bonus
$50      + $25 Bonus
$75      + $50 Bonus
$100    + $100 Bonus
$200    + $250 Bonus
This promotion applies to new accounts who made their first deposit on or after January 31, 2016, and runs until further notice.
The date of the opening of an account does not affect this promotion, only the first deposit date.
This promotion is available to all new DerbyGames players who do not have nor previously deposited  (“Qualifying Players”), and have not held an account in the past which has been closed or suspended, for any reason.
Players will only be entitled to receive one deposit match bonus, based on their first deposit only; subsequent deposits do not qualify for the 125% bonus. Please insure your first deposit is $200 if you wish to claim the maximum amount.
Immediately after processing your initial deposit, you will see the bonus amount of your initial deposit appear in your Pending Bonus balance.
Your pending bonus balance will be released into your Cash Balance at a rate of 10% of the value of each bet placed.


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